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About Us

Our Beginning

My son was diagnosed with Autism at a very young age. He has significant sensory sensitivities, and I struggled to find clothing that he found comfortable to wear. The smallest tag was overwhelming, and certain materials were completely out of the question due to their textures. Microfibres and man made materials just weren’t an option. He wasn’t comfortable in cotton bed sheets either. I knew that my own bamboo bed sheets were the perfect material for him, but it was nearly impossible to find bamboo bedding with fun, kid-friendly prints and colours. Now that he's older, I have the time and passion I need to offer other parents the products I struggled to find, all in one place. I ask my kids for their input and ideas, and they love to help! This is a family run business and everyone gets involved in the decision making. My budget is small, but my enthusiasm is large.

Benefits of Bamboo

It’s soft…. So buttery soft and hypoallergenic. It's perfect for sensitive skin as it doesn’t cause allergic reactions. Bamboo fabric is made from fibres that help with thermoregulation, keeping you warm in winter and cool in warm weather. The breathable and moisture wicking nature of the material allows for ultimate comfort on hot days. This makes bamboo temperature regulating to keep you comfortable. Bamboo is antibacterial and offers UV protection and is sustainably grown.