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Adult Blankets

Our 1 Tog Adult Blankets are like a big hug. Cool to the touch yet so soft with all the benefits of all our Bamboo products. With quilting on one side and smooth on the other they are versatile and suitable for any decor.They can be used as a throw for the whole family to enjoy, fit perfectly across a queen bed and are a wonderful size to replace a twin bed comforter. Movie nights will be so much more enjoyable.


Embrace the Warmth with Purple Kitten's Bamboo Baby Blankets

Every baby's first cocoon of comfort should be woven with love and nature's touch. At Purple Kitten, our bamboo baby blankets are precisely that—a gentle embrace of soft, sustainable bamboo fabric. Perfectly suited for your little one's sensitive skin, these blankets radiate warmth and security. Adorned with whimsical, child-friendly designs, they're not just blankets; they're memories in the making. Wrap your baby in the pure, comforting embrace of Purple Kitten's bamboo charm, and watch them drift into a world of sweet dreams.

Crib Sheets


Our two piece pajamas are made to outlast even the busiest toddler. Enjoy the benefits of soft Hypoallergenic bamboo that is oeko tex certified that has no irritating tags or labels rubbing on your active toddlers skin. Bedtime routine will just require more cuddling.


Discover Purple Kitten's Bamboo Baby Rompers

Dress your little star in the tender touch of nature with our bamboo baby rompers with fold over cuffs and sleeves. Meticulously crafted from the softest bamboo fabric, these rompers are a gentle embrace for your baby's delicate skin. With charming designs that capture the innocence of childhood and the breathable comfort of bamboo, bedtime becomes a delightful affair. Let your baby experience the soothing caress of Purple Kitten's bamboo rompers, ensuring sweet dreams and serene nights.

Short Pajamas

Sleeping Bags

Introducing Purple Kitten's Bamboo Sleeping Bags for Babies

Every baby deserves a cocoon of comfort, and our bamboo sleeping bags are just that! Crafted with love and the softest bamboo fabric, these wearable blankets are designed to cradle your little one in gentle warmth and coziness. Perfect for delicate baby skin, our sleeping bags not only ensure a peaceful slumber but also come adorned with delightful, kid-friendly designs. Let your baby drift into dreamland wrapped in the natural embrace of Purple Kitten's bamboo magic.

T Shirts